Walk With Our Majestic Lions

“When an opportunity knocks why not answer?”

A once in a lifetime opportunity in the form of an exhilarating educational experience through interaction with lions is knocking…

Our lion walks are conducted twice daily; in the morning and afternoon however specific times can be requested. Walks last around 45 minutes to an hour, allowing you plenty of time to really get to know the big cats! Unfortunately, cameras are not permitted on the walks for safety reasons however our experienced photographer is here to capture every minute of your experience! The pictures are included in the price how cool is that!

This unique activity is conducted with two adult lions, weighing in at approximately 180kgs, and having paws the size of dinner plates, and of course our lion guide and his team along with a small group of other unsuspecting holiday makers. These lively and a little inquisitive yet big cats are the centre piece as the guides show you the power and elegance of these creatures. This is done in a way which complements them rather than exhibits them.

Our qualified team of guides are there to answer all your questions and keep you safe!

The guys have such passion and enthusiasm for the education of people through this unique experience of walking with lions.

For further information on our wildlife policies and for the history of our lions, please see link to our “about page” on our website:

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