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Exclusive photographic opportunities for that once-in-a-lifetime picture of the conservancy’s wildlife.

Whether it’s an exclusive photo opportunity with our lions, cheetah, or hyena, or a one-on-one guided safari through the conservancy to capture the perfect shot of a specific animal, bird, or plant. Our vast variety of fauna and flora, including some incredible birdlife, offers incredible opportunities to fill up your memory cards or film.

Our guides know where to look in the vast wilderness for the best chance at finding the shot you’re after. Wander through the acacia woodlands with them to get your perfect picture. Whether it’s amongst the trees or along the banks of the watering hold, you’re sure to leave with some awesome shots.


  • Give us a call to organise your photographic tour.
  • You’ll have opportunities to film or photograph everything from our natural wilderness, picturesque riverbeds and acacia woodlands, to animal and birdlife including lions, cheetah, hyena, giraffe, zebra, wildebeest, warthog, and several species of antelope.

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