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Experience the wonder of the bush wilderness and all its animals at night.

As the South African sun sets across the acacia woodland, a number of new and exciting animals start to wake up. Join one of our guides for a walk through the conservancy after the sun goes down. The thrill of the walking through the dark, the sounds of the wild at night all around you, with the night sky full of thousands more stars than you’re used to. Nocturnal animals are plentiful at Wildthingz, but to see them, you have to venture out on our Bush Baby Night Walk. The main attraction of which are the adorable bush babies themselves. Try to spot these elusive creatures in the trees as their giant eyes reflect the light of the torch.


You may also come across various other nocturnal creatues of Wildthingz. Honey badgers, jackal, and porcupine being just a few. Not to mention that all the animals of the day are still in the park, resting or rummaging in the undergrowth. A perfect balance between peace and quiet and the thrill of adventure, our night walks last about an hour on a guided tour of the conservancy. We know when the animals come out to forage and feed in the trees and bushes around the lodge and our guides know what to look for to find you views of our bush babies. You might be wondering what a bush baby is. If you are, just do a quick Google and you’ll be even more excited to catch a glimpse of one. Even without the animals, there’s nothing quite like the feeling you get from walking through the wild at night.

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