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Summertime is the perfect time to spot some of Wildthingz’ 350 species of birds.

The acacia woodlands and gardens surrounding Wildthingz support many species of bird, including Waxbills, Apalis, Scrub Robins, Flycatchers, Scimitar Bills, Hoopoes, Robin Chats and Cuckoos. Cuckoo activity in particular in our conservancy has been hailed as the best anywhere in South Africa by avid bird enthusiast and professional photographer, Kevin Scott.


Water fowl also come flocking to the watering hole – you’ll find Heron, Duck, Teal, and Little Grebe at the dams and in the reeds, as well as a large variety of Warblers and other reed-dwelling species. Some of South Africa’s majestic birds of prey also call our skies and treetops home. From the Little Sparrowhawk, Gabar Goshawk, and Lanner Falcon, to the Black-chested Snake Eagle and the occasional sighting of giant Marial Eagle and Verraux’s (Black) Eagle pairs. A number of these eagles even nest within the conservancy.


“All in all, Wildthingz Lodge has never failed to supply me with great photographic opportunities and bird watching on the numerous times I have been there and would highly recommend it to any avid bird watchers and/or photographers.” – Kevin Scott, 2017


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